Information for Parents and Guardians


West Suffolk College is committed to involving the parent, guardian or ward of our learners in the educational process.

Experience has shown that if the parent is involved, the student has a much higher chance of completing his or her course successfully.

This area of the website is designed to help and inform you on the processes of support and how you can be a vital part of it.

Download: Parent Hand Book (pdf 1.2MB)

Parents Events

Parent Induction Event

Parents of new students are invited into the college in September to ask questions and become familiar with how the college supports learners. Parents will receive a Parents' Handbook and also have the chance to meet their son/daughter/ward's Personal Tutor.

Parent Consultation Evenings

During the course there will be consultation evenings to allow parents to monitor the progress being made. This will involve a review of the academic year to date and discussion of the student report.

Course Events

Where relevant, parents will be invited to attend course shows, exhibitions and celebrations. These events are particularly rewarding occassions for us all and let you see the quality of the work being done.

Personal Tutor

Your Main Contact

The role of a personal tutor is seen as crucial at West Suffolk College. The personal tutor will be allocated during the first week of the course (the 'induction' period) and will be a stable point of contact throughout the learners' time at college.

The personal tutor will be the main point of contact for parents or guardians when communicating with the College.

You will have a chance to meet the personal tutor at the parents' induction evening - held at the start of the course.

The personal tutor is responsible for the tracking of academic progress, and providing pastoral support when needed. The personal tutor will help the student understand the support available in College, including careers and welfare advice.

Learners will have tutorial appointments at regular intervals to allow structured discussion and target setting. Learners are encouraged to make additional appointments as and when they need them, to discuss issues as they arise.

How to make Contact

Please feel free to contact the personal tutor at anytime. Details of the tutor can be found in the Parents' Handbook.

Staff Roles

Course Team

Students are generally taught by several members of staff. At the start of the course each student will be given a timetable showing all of the course teaching team. You will also receive a copy of the timetable.

Course Director

A Course Director is responsible for the day to day management of the course. They work in conjunction with personal tutors to ensure the students achieve their full potential on whatever course they are studying.

Head of School

A Head of School is responsible for a number of courses in a subject area. Students will meet the Head of School at some point during induction week. The Head of School is always available to discuss student progress with parents/guardians.

Head of Faculty

A Head of Faculty is responsible for a group of Schools. Students will meet the Head of Faculty during the induction period, and in some cases during the year at student representation meetings.

How You Can Help

Support at Home

Supporting your child/children at home is very important. You can do this through taking an interest and helping with work and research where possible. It is also advisable to provide an area where your child/children can work quietly.

Financial Support

Many learners hold part-time jobs outside College hours. We would advise you to ensure this work does not affect their studies.

Research has shown that if a student takes on too much it often leads to under-performance. We recommend that students should not undertake paid or voluntary work for more than 10 hours per week.

You may also need to help them directly with buying the required materials or 'tools' for their course. If financial resources are limited there are schemes that may help you.

Attending Parent Evenings

Throughout the year you will be invited to attend parent events to discuss progress and any other issues you may have while your son/daughter is on a course at West Suffolk College.

Time Management Support

Supporting your child through his/her studies can range from avoiding holidays during term time to getting them out of bed for classes!

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