Maths and English

16 to 19 year olds

Don’t get left behind. Make sure you have the skills you need to succeed. 

A qualification from West Suffolk is more than just a piece of paper, it’s a passport to a world of opportunity. Every course will help prepare you for everything life has to offer; including equipping learners with great maths and English skills. As part of our mission to put learners and their success at the heart of everything we do, we recognise the importance high quality maths and English skills and qualification.

Whatever vocational course you choose to study, we will work with you to secure a grade C or above in GCSE English and maths.  If you join us from school without a grade C, don’t worry because we will provide extra classes that will run alongside your vocational course to ensure you make the grade.

Adult Learners

If you didn’t get the opportunity to retake your GCSEs first time round, or are wanting to return to education, then we also offer standalone Maths and English qualifications. You will be assessed by our experienced tutors to determine the appropriate level of study. 

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